Over time, as we age, expose our skin to the elements, and use inferior products - our skin cells begin to fade and literally lose their light. New cells are constantly being generated, but often lie buried in deep layers within the skin.

INCELLDERM has unlocked the secret to beautiful, bright skin that glows from the deepest layers out. Three secrets that distinguish our products from the rest.



Jeju Island, South Korea's largest Island, was formed by underwater volcanic activity approximately 2 million years ago. It is such a special and significant place that the Jeju Volcanic Island and Lava Tubes have been deemed a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

From the volcanic rock beds of Jeju Island, pristine Jeju Lava Energy Water has been kept for 400 thousand years, preserving its remarkable energy of the ocean. This highly potent, mineral dense water is a key ingredient in INCELLDERM's products. Unlike ordinary seawater, it holds a high level of unique minerals that are beneficial to the skin. Without compromising, only the best is harvested responsibly under the perfect temperature, sodium, and pH levels.


Usually, active skincare molecules are unable to pass through the cells and makeup of your epidermis due to its thick structure. Microfluidizer Technology utilizes a high pressure, three-step process to create nanosized liposomes, which are more easily absorbed. These perfectly sized and spherically shaped nanosized liposomes act as delivery vehicles for transporting our nutrient rich skincare deep into your skin, allowing them to reach the deeper layers of the skin beyond just the epidermis. The size of the microscopic molecules are ideal for optimizing the absorption of our ingredients, resulting in ultimate hydration, a strong lipid barrier, and reduction of hyperpigmentation.