Riman Korea Establishes BYoungPool Research Institute, Constructs Large-Scale Smart Farm in Jeju

Riman Korea Establishes BYoungPool Research Institute, Constructs Large-Scale Smart Farm in Jeju

Riman Korea, led by CEOs Yoon Jun-seon and Hwang Young-soo, has announced the establishment of the BYoungPool Research Institute, an agricultural corporation dedicated to advancing BYoungPool cultivation technology. This initiative coincides with the construction of a large-scale smart farm spanning 14,800 square meters on Jeju Island.

The BYoungPool Research Institute aims to become a global leader in BYoungPool research by conducting in-depth studies on its varieties, functions, and active ingredients. This focus on BYoungPool industrialization will ensure a stable supply of this heritage raw material throughout the year.

The strategic location of the smart farm, situated near Riman Korea's existing facilities, ASK BASE and the Jeju Lava Research Center, minimizes seasonal and external disruptions while fostering future collaborations within the cluster.

The Riman BYoungPool Research Institute will not only delve into new BYoungPool varieties and their potential for skin and health improvement, but also accelerate the development of innovative BYoungPool-based products. Additionally, Riman Korea emphasizes its commitment to sustainability by utilizing renewable energy to minimize the environmental footprint of its operations. The company also aspires to elevate global BYoungPool standards through quality improvements and increased productivity.

Building upon their success, Riman Korea has introduced Lava Energy BYoungPool Leaf Water, a unique ingredient created by infusing Jeju Lava Energy Water with BT-Care (Giant BYoungPool), their exclusive, protected variety. This innovative ingredient is already being incorporated into Incellderm, Riman Korea's flagship cosmetic brand.

A Riman Korea representative recently announced the company's commitment to sustainable practices in phytotherapy cultivation. Leveraging Jeju Island's unique resources, Riman Korea will establish a standardized process for growing Giant BYoungPool and transforming it into high-quality cosmetic ingredients. "We are committed to strengthening Riman's legacy by harnessing the power of sustainable resources unique to this island," a Riman Korea official stated.