Return & Refund Policy


All Customers and Beauty Planners who wish to return BUY INCELLDERM Products to BUY INCELLDERM for any reason must log in to their BUY INCELLDERM account and complete a Return Authorization Form (RA) for those items they wish to return. Only items for which a refund is available pursuant to Policies & Procedures should be returned to BUY INCELLDERM Items returned for which no refund is available will be discarded. For information on how return adjustments may affect Qualifications, incentives, commission and mileage, refer to the Compensation Plan.
BUY INCELLDERM regularly audits return behaviors and reserves the right to review and terminate any Beauty Planner Agreement for excessive or improper return activity.
Please click here to download the Return Authorization Form.

Returns of Defective or Damaged Products

For any items that were defective at the time that BUY INCELLDERM delivered them to the carrier, BUY INCELLDERM will, at the option of the Beauty Planner or Customer: (1) Replace and ship replacements for the defective items to the Beauty Planner or applicable Customer at no additional charge if replacements are available; or (2) Refund the amounts paid for the items by crediting 100% of the purchase price, sales tax, and shipping charges to the credit card used to make the purchase. BUY INCELLDERM reserves the right to arrange a product pick up for defective products or for those BUY INCELLDERM wishes to examine, at no charge to the purchaser at its discretion. The determination of whether the Product was defective at the time of shipment shall be made by BUY INCELLDERM in its sole discretion.

Returns Under the Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

(1): Purchases made through the BUY INCELLDERM Website or MRW
If for any reason a Customer is not completely satisfied with any BUY INCELLDERM Product, she or he may return the unopened Product within thirty (30) days from the date of order for a refund minus 10% restocking fee of the amount paid for the product excluding shipping charges on the credit card used to make the purchase. Also, purchased made by Beauty Planners directly can be returned within (60) days of purchase.

(2): Resale between a Beauty Planner and a Customer
In the event of a Product resale conducted directly between a Beauty Planner and a Customer, a Beauty Planner bears the responsibility of honoring the thirty (30) day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. The cost to return ship the BUY INCELLDERM Products shall be the responsibility of the Customer or Beauty Planner. The Customer or Beauty Planner may place a separate order for replacement Products if desired.

If the Beauty Planner directly sells the BUY INCELLDERM product to the customer, the 30-day return policy will apply, so the product cannot be returned after 30 days.

Return of Unsold Inventory by a Terminating Beauty Planner

In addition to a potential return under the thirty (30) day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, a terminating Beauty Planner may return unsold BUY INCELLDERM Products that she or he personally purchased from BUY INCELLDERM up to 180 days from date of purchase for a refund if she or he does not wish to sell or use the items and the items are resalable (see Policies & Procedures). Upon BUY INCELLDERM’s receipt of the returned Products, the Company will refund the original purchase price minus 10% restocking fee of the resalable items. Customer shall be responsible for return shipping charges. The refund will be credited to the same credit card used for the original order or by such other method as determined by BUY INCELLDERM
Beauty Planners who voluntarily terminate must submit a properly completed and signed Termination Notice Form to the Sales Support Department which will be effective when received and processed by BUY INCELLDERM (Please allow seven to ten (7-10) Business Days for processing once the termination request has been received.)
*Beauty Planners residing in Maryland, Wyoming and Massachusetts may exceed the one (1) year return period, so long as the above-mentioned criteria is met.

Resalable Items

BUY INCELLDERM Products are “resalable” only if they meet all of the following requirements:
The items are unopened and unused
The packaging and labeling are current and have not been altered or damaged
The current shelf life of the item must remain for at least one year.
The items and their packaging are in such condition that it is commercially reasonable within the trade to sell the items at full price
The items, at the time of purchase, are not identified as non-returnable, discontinued, expired or seasonal items