Riman Takes Global Success to New Heights with Luxurious Jeju Island Resort

Riman Takes Global Success to New Heights with Luxurious Jeju Island Resort

South Korea's direct selling star, RIMAN, celebrates its 5-year journey with a stunning 5-star resort on Jeju Island, RIMAN Village. This exclusive haven isn't just a place to stay, it's an immersive experience to connect with the RIMAN story and empower its global community.

Boasting 3-bedroom villas, RIMAN Village reflects the brand's essence in every detail. A pool named after their star product line, Lifening, a spa using RIMAN's heritage Jeju Lava ingredients, and an auditorium for future planning and strategies, it's a world of RIMAN brought to life.

More than just luxury, RIMAN Village is a symbol of the company's dedication to its community. Directors from around the globe will earn an opportunity to experience the beauty of Jeju Island and the RIMAN story firsthand. It's a testament to RIMAN's commitment to empowering its Planners and building a global brand with heart.

RIMAN's dedication goes beyond the resort. Their focus on self-care, sustainable ingredients, and K-Beauty expertise shines in their scientifically-backed skincare lines and innovative personal care products. With over 2 billion in revenue, 400,000+ Beauty Planners, and numerous awards, RIMAN is a force to be reckoned with.

RIMAN Village marks a new chapter in their global success story. It's more than a resort, it's a promise of connection, luxury, and empowerment, solidifying RIMAN's position as a leader in the world of direct selling.